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Klaipėda is the 3rd largest city of Lithuania, with a population of approx. 120 thousand people. The city’s history goes back as far as 1252, when the Livonian Order constructed the castle of Memel. Today's Klaipėda is known for its unique Fachwerk (Timber-Framed style) old town, neo-gothic architecture, lovely craftsmen‘s courtyards, cobblestone streets. The city also features the famous Drama Theatre and the Theatre Square with gracious sculpture of Ann from Tharau renowned for its vibrant atmosphere: folk performances, craft fairs, and amber markets that are regularly held here. The city offers its visitors a large number of exciting museums such as the largest of that kind in Europe - Lithuanian Maritime Museum. Other unique museums include Klaipėda Castle Museum, Clock & Watch Museum, Blacksmith Museum. Klaipeda is also known for over 100 various kinds of creative sculptures, statues and monuments that make sightseeing in Klaipeda adventurous and inspirational.

Pier information

The era of cruise shipping in Klaipeda began in 2003, when the Cruise and Naval ship pier was built. The pier covers an area of 1.2 ha and is only 100 meters away from the birthplace of Klaipėda - the Memel or Klaipeda Castle site. Ships up to 315 meters long, 45 meters wide and 8.5 meters deep can moor at the terminal berths (No. 28-32).

Pier (No. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32) address: Priespilio street 9, LT91240, Klaipeda. 

Pier max LOA: 315 m.

Pier max depth: 8,5 m

Type of berth: cruise passenger

Berth fenders: rubber cylinders

Distance from pier to city center: ca. 800 meters from the center/old town of Klaipėda.

Shuttle buses: not required. Provided upon request. Transfer distance one way to city center: 5 min.

Pier facilities: no building or other covered area.

Tourist information

Language: Lithuanian

Closest international airport: Palanga International airport is 25 km from pier; approx. 40 min. by taxi. 

Currency: EU euro (EUR)

Transport to/from city center: metered taxi is available at Cruise ship pier.

Tourism information: maps, information and advise are available from Tourism information staff at the pier upon ship's arrival.

Shopping: variety of shops in the central area of Klaipeda and shopping mall Akropolis (10 min. by taxi from pier). Shops open from 09:00 h to 21:00 h local time.

Pharmacy: nearest pharmacy "Camelia", address: Tiltu street 29, Klaipeda; 1,5 km/20 minutes walking distance from pier.

Emergency phone: 112