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Gateway to Lithuania

The oldest city in Lithuania, founded in 1252, on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda welcomes you with its rich and unique history, deeply rooted traditions, distinct architecture and beautiful nature surroundings. From Klaipeda you can easily reach the world of beautiful sand dunes of the Curonian Spit National Park (UNESCO World Heritage site). Curonian Spit offers a peaceful and soul-cleansing alternative to the hustle and bustle of modern life. Another popular out-of-town destination is the seaside resort Palanga, that is situated only 20 min bus ride north of Klaipeda. Here you will find long white sand beaches, pine forests as well as romantic restaurants by the sea and the beautiful Botanical garden with famous Amber museum. Shore excursions in Klaipeda is a great and comfortable way to see and experience the city and Lithuania. 

Diverse portfolio of shore excursions

CruiseKlaipeda offers B2B shore excursions and experiences ranging from classic city tour to active adventures, tasting and private luxury experiences. Categories of our tours include: 

  • History and Culture - exploring destination's past and getting to know its present by classic excursions
  • Stay Active - active experiences in land, air and water
  • Test and Taste - gaining new and unique knowledge and skills while experiencing local crafts and traditions
  • Meet the locals - exclusive home hosted meetings with local people
  • Go Green - special tours embracing nature cognition and preservation 

TOP 5 destinations and sights

  1. Klaipeda city center - within a walking distance from Klaipeda port cruise pier, the city's old town is full with hidden gems. Narrow cobblestone streets, courtyards and even roof tops are jazzed up with little bronze sculptures, city's main river Dange is decorated by tall ship Meridianas and former houses of merchants and craft men now are home to Lithuania Minor and city museum, galleries, boutiques and cafes with local and international cuisine which can be supplemented by various kinds, tastes and aromas of famous local beer at the brewery Švyturys.  
  2. Curonian Spit National Park - a place of unique nature and ancient local culture, shaped by wind and water is a UNESCO World heritage site. Washed by waves of the Baltic sea from the west and Curonian lagoon from the east, it is home to the highest sand dunes in Northern Europe and the place for witches and devils meeting at the famous Hill of Witches. 
  3. Palanga resort - a summer capital of Lithuania with wide beaches and lots of entertainment. Palanga is situated 26 km north of Klaipeda and welcomes guests with places of interest: the largest Amber Museum in the Baltic States, Botanical Garden, Palanga Pier and Pedestrian Boulevard.
  4. Cold War museum - located at Zemaitija National Park the former nuclear missile base had  targets at the largest European cities. Nowadays this old Soviet launch site is open with its grim corridors and tunnels for guided tours.
  5. Vente cape - located on one of the major north-south bird migration routes Vente Cape Ornithological station monitors and rings thousands of birds each year. From the nearby Vente Cape lighthouse admire a view of the magnificent dunes of the Curonian Spit National Park.

Quality and safety of our tours

  • Itineraries of our shore excursions are carefully planned and evaluated with annual risk assessments.
  • We have a contingency plans to mitigate risks and incidents in our tours.
  • Our tours are insured with Tour operator liability.


We are member of Travelife and we have started the process to work step-by-step towards complying with international sustainability standards. We are pursuing this goal by participating in the COASTOUR project, which is co-financed by the EU.

Our strong local presence

  • KLAIPEDOS KRUIZAI is part of local tourism association working with cruises.
  • We cooperate, train and share knowledge with our partners and service providers about the cruise guest service.
  • We carefully select our service providers. 

Long term experience

Over 15 years of work in shore excursion operations we have:

  • arranged tours for 226 ships,
  • served 3 ships per day,
  • welcomed over 148 000 guests on our tours,
  • operated a highest number of 49 groups per call,
  • organized a highest number of 29 groups per call going to most popular destination in Klaipeda - Curonian Spit National Park (UNESCO)

We are proud to have experience arranging shore excursion services for following cruise lines:

Shore excursions in Klaipeda

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